Wolf of Hades

I know a lot of readers like to hold an actual book in their hands. I have a number of unused hardback copies of The Wolf of Hades available for purchase. This is a cut down version of The Mafia Emblem which is only available as an e-book.

This came about because the publisher, Robert Hale, required the book to be shortened to 75,000 words, which involved cutting the complete Prologue and various other reductions. It was offered for sale for £18.99 in UK.

Now I am prepared to offer signed copies of the books in mainland Britain for £10.00 including postage. If readers from other countries would like copies, I will be pleased to quote them a price including postage to the address provided.

If you wish to order a copy, please e-mail me your address (which will not be disclosed to anyone else) and the message you wish to have written in the front of your book above my signature (no inappropriate words please).

Payment should be made by bank transfer to KSF Publishing, sort code 30-98-75, account number 00157705, IBAN: GB93 LOYD 3098 7500 1577 05. Please show reference “Wolf of Hades” to separate it from other payments.