What might be found in the crypt at Rennes-le-Chateau church?

What might be found in the crypt at Rennes-le-Chateau church?As I have suggested in recent news items there is very strong evidence that there is a crypt beneath the nave of Rennes-le-Chateau church. The question is, why have the authorities refused to allow an investigation to positively confirm or reject this fact. The reason must be that there is something down there which they don´t want the world to know about.

I have also mentioned the funerary band round the church which suggests that there may be royalty entombed in the crypt. If you read chapter 50 of “The Legacy of the Templars” you will see what my imagination placed in the crypt. But even if my theory is right, why should the authorities refuse to admit the presence of royal tombs beneath the church. It is generally thought, that if the tombs do exist, they will be of the Merovingian dynasty which ruled much of Gaul (as France was then known) from 481AD to 751AD.

Clovis, the first Merovingian, converted to Roman Catholic Christianity in 498AD and there would seem to be no reason why the church authorities should wish to suppress knowledge of their tombs. In fact historians would be delighted to find out about this new evidence of the past. So the possible discovery of the royal tombs can´t be enough reason to refuse to allow investigation into the crypt.

It therefore seems likely that Bérenger Saunière discovered something far more significant in the crypt in 1891 and that this led to him achieving the wealth and influence that he was to possess for the next twenty years. I will discuss what he may have found and his subsequent activities next week.

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