The Mafia Emblem – The Wolf of Hades

I hope you enjoyed The Eighth Child which is still available free from my website. This is to tell you that the revised second edition of The Mafia Emblem will be available for ten days from the 7th May at the reduced price of $0.99 or equivalent. This is the second book in the AMR Series and I hope you will like it as much as The Eighth Child. These are extracts from a professional reader´s report on the novel:-

“A dramatic thriller that revolves around themes of vengeance, corruption, power struggles and mythology.”

“A well-paced storyline … tension, drama and a constant unravelling of events.”

“Delightfully sensational.”

“Characterisation is cleverly handled.”

“The erotic tension . . . is wonderfully slow-burning.”

“Hillier´s writing style is readable and at times lyrical.”

“Scene-setting is vivid.”

“This is highly entertaining novel . . . rich in events and colourful characters.”

“A fast-moving, engaging read which has very real cinematic possibilities.”

I hope you agree with the reader that it is a good read. Thank you.