The Gigabyte Detectives

Hello from the Isle of Wight. For the last few weeks I have been concentrating on the revising and updating of this detective novel which is my first in this genre. I intend to republish it next week. Below is the blurb. I hope you think it´s interesting.

Five rich women have died in June and July in Torquay, one in each of the last five years. Is there a summer holiday murderer on the loose? Now, as the sixth successive midsummer approaches, are the wealthy ladies who live in the town in danger? Who will it be this year? As the annual influx of a quarter of a million visitors floods into the area, what are the chances of finding the killer before the next murder occurs?

The local CID are struggling to find a way through the huge amount of evidence which has been amassed over the years. To assist them DCI Charlotte Faraday and her recently developed computer program have been temporarily assigned to the division. This program has the ability to rapidly sort through massive amounts of data and throw up possible courses of action. Despite the fact that many of the male policemen are sceptical about using it, will this new weapon help her and DI Stafford Paulson to find the murderer before he strikes again?

What has this to do with beautiful former TV star Susannah Blake and her developing affair with accountant Richard Harris, who is down from London on a fortnight´s holiday?

Does it sound interesting?