The Eighth Child

Hello from the Isle of Wight where spring has made its welcome appearance in the last few days. What a beautiful time of year it is oi England. There are carpets of primroses and hyacinths on the grass beneath the bare trees and on grassy banks. There are clump upon clumps of daffodils and narcissi wherever you look and a scattering of bluebells through the woodlands. It is one of the delights of our beautiful country.

The purpose of this newsletter is to tell those of you who don´t already know that I am currently offering the fourth edition of the e-book “The Eighth Child” free to visitors to my website in return for them letting me have their email address. “The Eighth Child” is the first in the nine-book AMR (Adventure, Mystery, Romance) series. A tenth will be released later in the summer.

The story briefly is of the hunt by a young Englishman in the unwelcoming Loire Valley for the killer of his French wife, who he saw momentarily when she was shot. His search brings to light things which the local citizens would prefer to remain hidden, gong back to the Nazi invasion, when France was split into two and hatred grew between those branded as collaborators and the famous Résistance fighters. In doing so he puts himself and the girl he has come to love in extreme danger.

If you haven´t already read it, you might like to get it for your summer reading.

Click the link below to get your free book:-

Eighth Child Free Book (

Best wishes to you all and I hope that soon we will all be free of this dreadful pandemic. – Mike