Publication of “The Treasure of the Visigoths”

Here at the western end the Isle of Wight we are slowly starting to emerge from total lock-down. Traffic has greatly increased. The buses are running again to their old timetables (with the passengers wearing face-masks of course) and the ferries to Lymington start sailing again today.

This week is even more important for me, because I have now released “The Treasure of the Visigoths” which is the third and final volume of The Languedoc Trilogy and you will see the attached picture of the cover.

The area in the south of France between Carcassonne and the Pyrenees is known locally as Cathar country. The combination of spectacular scenery, intriguing historical connections and mysterious discoveries has interested a number of famous authors, including Dan Brown, Kate Mosse and Henry Lincoln.

The area has held a fascination for me for at least three decades, and I started writing “The Secret of the Cathars” nearly twenty years ago. This was first published in 2011 with modest success, which led me to start work on a sequel. However the death of my wife caused considerable delays to my writing and “The Legacy of the Templars” was finally published earlier this year. At that time I had no intention of completing a trilogy, but the third volume (“The Treasure of the Visigoths”) came suddenly into my head last autumn.

I have been asked if there will be a fourth book in the series and the short answer is that I don´t know. At the moment I don´t feel any particular compulsion to continue the story of Philip Sinclair and Jaqueline Blontard. But who knows, if the whole trilogy is embraced by my readers, I may be moved to explore what happens next in their far from easy relationship.

The new book is available on Amazon, Apple, Nook & Kobo.

Thank you to all my readers for their support.