Paperback News

Hello all

I can’t believe it is February already!!  Where is the time going?  It’s a leap year, this year.  Have any of you got any interesting things that have happened on a leap year?

Well, this February, my first novel, The Eighth Child, is available in paperback from Amazon. Although the Ebook is permanently free for anyone who wishes to download it on to their Kindle, laptop, I-pad or smart-phone, I am not able to give away the paperback free because of the charge Amazon makes (quite reasonably) for the costs of paper and printing. Therefore it is available for $9.99 in USA and £7.99 in UK plus postage, where appropriate, and this gives me a lower royalty than the priced Ebooks on my bookshelf.   If sufficient interest is shown in paperback versions of this novel, I am thinking of doing similar versions of The Secret of the Cathars and The Legacy of the Templars in the near future. Other novels could follow.  I would be interested in hearing whether you prefer to read paperbacks or ebooks?   Meanwhile, I am working long hours on The Treasure of the Visigoths and have completed 37 chapters (nearly 60,000 words) of the first draft. I am finding this an interesting ook to write because my two leading characters are in strong dispute with each other. Jackie wants to concentrate on the success of her television career which is making huge demands on her, both in terms of time and emotional stress. Philip, on the other hand, is feeling abandoned. He wants her to spend some time and love on him and their relationship. Will this lead to them breaking up? I wish I knew…

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