News for September

I apologise for not giving you my news during the summer which was dominated by our trip back to the UK to visit family and friends.  Wasn´t it dreadful weather!  On the way back we lingered in France for a week visiting Chinon in the Loire Valley (one of our favourites and the setting of “The Eighth Child”) and the area around Sarlat in the Dordogne area.

This is a very historic region which I haven´t been to for more than thirty years and we´ve decided it merits a repeat exploration some time next year.  We particularly liked the old village of Domme, perched on top of cliffs above the river with spectacular views.  It was also interesting to find there were links with the Templars, about which I am researching a book at the moment.

When we got back I found my next novel to be published “Riversmeet – Starting out” had completed it´s edit by Anna Cameron and was ready for publication.  I have now finished working through the corrections and recommendations and it should become available on Kindle in a week or two.  If you want more information about it you can visit my blog site ( where I have been giving information about the location (South East Devon) and the period (post war England in the early 1950´s).

I am now getting my next novel ready for publication.  It is called “Bank-cor-Rupt” and is about actual experiences with banks and the people who carry out their dirty work (Receivers).  Although their actions are completely immoral they are blessed by the English legal system.  But I won´t go on about it here.  You will be able to read about it in 2/3 months.