Mid October news

Hello from the Isle of Wight where autumn has come in with a splash. A large number of birds are visiting the Yar estuary on their way south to their winter habitats. The wet weather has delayed the turning colour of the deciduous trees and the resulting fall of leaves. The grass is a bright green, and walking along soggy and puddle-spattered footpaths is still a pleasure if you have the right footwear.

There have been more than 4,700 downloads of the revised e-version of The Eighth Child in the last ten days. This is a result of advertising it on Freebooksy. I am so pleased with this that I have decided to reduce the price of The Secret of the Cathars (revised edition republished on7th October) from $3.99 to $0.99 on Bargainbooksy on 26th October for a few days. If this is only 10 percent as successful as the Freebooksy experiment, I shall be pleased with the result.

Meanwhile I am still working on Dancing with Spies, the next title in the AMR Series, which I intend to republish in late October or early November. This is the only novel in the series which I have so far written from a woman´s viewpoint. I was helped a lot when I was writing this by my wife who sadly died in 2014. I already have a super cover for this, and I will let you see a copy of this with my next news.