Happy New Year

I hope you enjoy a productive and successful year in 2020.  Have you got any exciting plans for this year?

This month is going to be very exciting for me. I am hoping to launch the second novel in my Languedoc trilogy (and number 5 in The AMR Series). It is called The Legacy of the Templars and will be released as soon as the cover has been finalised.

Meanwhile I am working on the third novel in the trilogy, The Treasure of the Visigoths (working title at present). I have already written the first twenty thousand words and my aim is to complete it later in the year. As soon as possible after it has been published, I aim to issue the Languedoc trilogy as a boxed set.

My other news is that The Eighth Child will be coming out as a paperback in just a week or two, so that readers who like to hold a book in their hands will be able to obtain it from Amazon. I also plan to issue it through another paperback publisher who will distribute it to booksellers so that you can order it locally.

In addition, my Spanish novel The Discovery of Franco´s Bankroll (AMR No 6) should be published in the spring.

Watch out for news about this and other novels in the next few weeks.