Friday 24th January is a very big day for me. I will be launching my new novel The Legacy of the Templars. This is the first new Ebook I have published for nearly six years. I attach a picture of the cover which I hope you agree fits the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue that I have tried to bring out in the book.

The novel is the sequel to The Secret of the Cathars and continues with the lives of the same characters, now exploring the fascinating surroundings to the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, made famous by the novels of Dan Brown and Kate Mosse. But now the heroine has disappeared and the reader can follow Philip Sinclair in his tortuous search for her which takes up the first half of the book.

Although the launch is on 24th, it is likely that some companies may carry the book earlier. It will be available at half-price ($1.99) for my close followers until Sunday night 26th January, which I think is remarkably good value for a novel of nearly 120,000 words.

Incidentally I am currently working on a third novel with the same characters and location. I think this will be called The Treasure of the Visigoths and will complete my Languedoc trilogy.