Free e-book “The Property People – Volume 1.”

Hello! Winter seems to be approaching fast to the Isle of Wight. I am not complaining. After spending fifteen years in Spain, you´ll be amused to hear how much more refreshing it is for a writer to be living in Southern England, where you can wrap up warm at nights, and put on two sweaters if necessary or turn the central heating up if you feel cold during the day. I am aware that many people envy those living in Spain´s hot, sociable climate. Not me!

My real reason for writing to you this week is to tell you that “The Property People” – Volume 1 (155,000 words) will be available as a free e-book from Amazon this weekend (Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October inclusive). Although it is not autobiographical, the novel is based on the stories and experiences I came across during my teenage years in the Exeter area of Devon in the 1950´s. I hope it will be of especial interest to more mature readers and perhaps bring back memories of some of their own experiences in their youth.

This story has really got a grip on me. Volume 2 is ready to be published in the next few months and I am nearly half-way through Volume 3. The memories are pouring out of me and my only frustration is that I cannot write fast enough to set them all down. It looks as though Volume 4 will be following.

Best wishes – Michael Hillier.