February News

Hello from the Isle of Wight, land of gales. What terrible weather we´ve been having. On the island we escaped the worst of the floods, but the winds have been extremely strong. Even the committed year-round sailors have been staying in port.

For me, I have been beavering away at my latest novel The Treasure of the Visigoths. I have passed 75,000 words and I´m homing in on the climactic finale. I hope to complete the first draft in the next few weeks. If I can do that, I may be able to publish it, after editing and revisions and cover designs, in May, but more likely in June or July.

I am going to spend a few days in Torquay next month. Two of my novels (whodunits) are set in the Torbay area. They are currently withdrawn because they need updating and I intend to check out the various locations again during my visit. The setting of my novels is very important to me. I want to feel comfortable in the surroundings to my fictional activities. As a consequence, I hope to reissue Network Virus some time in April or May. This is a tale of rape, child perversion and abduction. I hope it has something interesting to say in the current political climate.

Meanwhile The Discovery of Franco´s Bankroll is booked for publication in March or April. I am hoping to receive the covers some time next month. Then it will need a final check-through and revision before I am ready to issue it.

Well, cheerio until next time, probably in two to three weeks. Let me know if you would like more or less frequent news items.