Bank –cor-rupt

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Because I have been very busy recently on money-earning work I have been unable to research future writing which I would usually share with you in my blogs. However I am hoping to get back to writing again in the next few days. My first task will be to complete the preparation of a novel […]

South East Devon in the 1950’s

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There has been little industry in the Exeter area since history began – perhaps a certain amount of shipbuilding and some weaving for local consumption. The area is much more known for agriculture and fishing and, in recent years, for tourism. However a dramatic increase in employment in the area came about in the early […]


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I am pausing from blogging about the fascinating little village of Rennes-le-Chateau in order to tell you about the new novel which I will be publishing later this month. It is called Riversmeet – Starting Out and I attach a picture of the cover. This is a different book for me in several ways. Firstly […]