Berry Pomeroy castle

This castle is one of the hidden secrets of South Devon. It is only a few miles from the centre of Torbay yet is visited by a mere hand-full of persons each day. It occupies a most romantic location, perched on the side of a deep wooded valley and is approached from the Paignton -Totnes road.

The entrance is between two cottages and down a long, winding, thickly-wooded drive. Parking is in the former quarry whence came much of the stone for the castle. In front of the medieval gatehouse is a narrow meadow where you can imagine tilting and other ancient sports taking place.

Inside the old castle walls are the three-storey remains of the grand Tudor mansion of the Seymours and to the north of this building is a splendid terrace overlooking the valley where no doubt Elizabethan courtiers once strolled at their leisure.

Richard brings Susannah to this beautiful location on their first day out together in The Gigabyte Detective.




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