This week I am republishing a much revised and re-edited version of my novel Bank-cor-Rupt. In a way this is the most personal of my novels. Nearly thirty years ago my previously profitable business was destroyed by the decisions taken by a bank, which had the power to close my company down without giving me the chance to try to save it. You may ask, why did I write it all down? I suppose my answer would be that it was partly to get the sense of injustice out of my system and partly to justify my failure in the eyes of the world.

Of course, to avoid charges of libel, I have had to transfer the story to a completely fictional setting and all the characters and events have been invented by me, so this is not exactly what happened. I realised straight away, that although the experiences I had been through were of vital importance to me, the whole thing would be pretty boring to the reader, who would be looking for tales of personal conflict. Therefore I constructed a love story between the main characters, set against the completely fictional conspiracy by the hero´s enemies, and provided a happy ending.

Nevertheless I can only accentuate the message I hope I give in the book, that it is very unwise to trust banks and large accounting organisations with matters of financial importance even though they try to foster the image of trustworthiness to the public.

I will be doing a special free offer on this book from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November. Please click on the above link to purchase your free ebook.