Another new novel

I have just launched my latest novel “The Dicovery of Franco´s Bankroll”. This is a book which I have set in Spain, where I lived for nearly fifteen years. I attach a picture of the cover which I hope you agree gives a good impression of the challenge the hero faces when he becomes involved in the results of events that occurred in the Second World War.

The story is about what happens to a middle-aged man who needs to earn some money and is persuaded to offer his willingness to accompany widows and divorcees to events where they need a partner – for a price, of course. What he doesn´t realise is that this innocent idea is going to involve him in a series meetings and adventures which will sometimes be hilarious and sometimes dangerous before he can extricate himself and win the woman he has come to love.

The ebook has just been made available at the very reasonable price of $3.99. However it will be offered at half-price ($1.99) for my close followers from Friday 24th April until Sunday night 26th April, which I think you´ll agree is remarkably good value for a novel of nearly 100,000 words.

Incidentally I hope to publish the third novel in the Languedoc trilogy in June. This will be called “The Treasure of the Visigoths” and will complete the story of the remarkable discoveries made by Philip and Jackie in the old village of Rennes-le-Chateau.