AMR Series

I have carried out a major review of my writing to update and re-present my twelve books which I have completed to date. The first step has been to group six of the novels together into a series which I have decided to call the AMR Series (Adventure, Mystery, Romance). There is a new page here which explains the thinking behind this. The first in the series is The Eighth Child which is currently being revised and updated, and will be given away free when it is republished in the next few weeks. Any readers who want to reserve a copy can register on the website.

So I will now be concentrating my main efforts on building the AMR Series. To this end The Mafia Emblem will be next to be updated when The Eighth Child has been republished. I will also be giving this one free to readers who wish to join my e-mail list. After this there will be the launch of The Templar Legacy, which is the sequel to The Secret of the Cathars. Following that I will be concentrating on preparing The Discovery of Franco´s Bankroll for publication. On this one, the writing is completed but it still needs a professional edit and the design of a cover.

I have partly written another novel to add to the AMR Series under the working title of The Mount and I think I will probably concentrate on completing that before I do any further writing. I will let you know about my progress in a further blog in the next few weeks.