A Little bit about me

A number of you have asked how I got into writing – This is not a simple question to answer for me because my writing is varied and not easily classified or catalogued. I spent my early and teenage years in South Devon and this has provided a source for much of my writing, especially the Riversmeet trilogy and the crime series which I will publish after the AMR Series. During that time I completed a novella called The Courtesan and started an historical novel which I entitled And Still the Sea is Salt (after Gerald Manley Hopkins). It is still only about ten percent written. I also did a certain amount of poetry and a few short stories and technical articles

Marriage, raising a family and providing the income for those tasks took over for most of the following twenty years. But I had not completely lost my wish to write. The stimulus for restarting came when my first wife and I started taking the children, who were then teenagers, on continental holidays – mainly to France and the Mediterranean countries. Possibly they were disappointed that they didn´t get the opportunity to stretch out on sun-soaked beaches, but I don´t recall them complaining. Instead we dragged them round castles and medieval towns and other ancient sites, looking at statues and artworks and beautiful views.

These places are a treasure trove of old stories. Coupled with my fertile imagination, they formed the basis of the series of novels which I have now linked together to form the Adventure, Mystery and Romance (AMR) Series of novels, some of which I am currently republishing and several which I will be publishing for the first time next year. Then I´ve got the crime series and the trilogy to concentrate on. I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me.