I have now completed the first draft of “Network Virus”, the second detective story in the Charlotte Faraday series after “The Gigabyte Detective”. It is currently being edited and I will consider publishing it in late November / December.

Because of the success of “The Secret of the Cathars” I am working on a sequel in the same area to take in the Templars and the history of Rennes le Chateau.

My blog site has had a lot of interest and a number of good comments.  I will continue to blog weekly about my research into the history of the Cathars and my preparation for “The Secret of the Cathars” which I believe has been part of the reason for this thriller´s success.  This will probably take me close to Christmas.

My plans are then to blog about the Yugoslav Civil War and the history of Dubrovnik which I had to research for “Dancing with Spies”.