1st May 2011 update

The Gigabyte Detective was published on 30th April in paperback for eight pounds including delivery in UK or in e-book formats for 99 cents. (Click here to order.)

The Secret of the Cathars will be published on a date to be announced in May. Initially it will only be available in e-book formats for 99 cents. (Click here to reserve copy.)

A revised second edition of The Eighth Child will be released in e-book formats later in the month. (Click here to reserve copy.) A paperback first edition is available now for ten pounds including postage anywhere in the world. (Click here to order.)

Mike is currently working on The Legacy of Tito and hopes to publish it in e-book formats in two or three months’ time.

Mike will be in the UK in the autumn and he will be available to talk to groups of readers and writers across Southern England free of charge except for travelling expenses. Contact info@mikehillier for more information heading your e-mail “UK visit”.