All books written by Michael Hillier will be sold as e-books. Some may only be available in e-book formats. All my e-books are priced at 99 cents. However, be warned. Amazon.com add at least 2 dollars to the price I have set. Therefore if you want to buy one of my books in e-book format to read on your Kindle you should either order it from me (see below), Amazon UK who will charge you about 70 pence or from Smashwords in Mobipocket format who will charge you 99cents. Smashwords supplies my books in many ebook formats. My books are also available on the iTunes store so that they can be read on Apple devices.

You will need a PayPal account to purchase books from this site. Please note that your PayPal account will be charged by KSF Design Build Ltd.

The following books are available in e-book formats:-

If you require a book in a format not listed above please email me and I will make it available in that format for you.