Dancing with Spies


Caroline Daley, escaping from a messy divorce, and her friend Brian Napier are on a ferry going down the Adriatic when the engines pack up. Somebody has put seawater in the fuel. The nearest port which they can put in to is Dubrovnik. But the Yugoslav Civil War has broken out and the city is under siege. So they are sailing into a war zone

Caroline finds herself caught up in the tangled web of intrigue which is just below the surface of life in the city as Serbs and Montenegrins try to wrest Dubrovnik away from Croatian control. She doesn’t know who to trust. There is no-one she can rely on.

In the next few days her life is put in danger as she struggles to follow the right path through the perils that surround her. Finally she realises she must follow her instincts as she falls deeply in love and discovers hidden depths of courage and resourcefulness in herself. She will need all these as the guns open up on the World Heritage city.