The Eighth Child – Set in London and the Loire Valley region of central France, this novel was inspired by a visit Mike made to the lovely little town of Chinon (where Joan of Arc persuaded the Dauphin to resist the English invaders). The area has been fought over many times since then, the latest being during the second world war when resistance fighters formed a deep hatred for collaborators. This story revolves around the aftermath of a Nazi atrocity which has split the small imaginary town of Chalons. Click here to read the first twenty pages.

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The author has a limited stock of paperback copies available for £10, 12€ or $15  including postage.

Mafia Emblem

The Mafia Emblem – Set mainly in the fascinating ancient landscape of the Campi Phlegraei (or Fields of Fire) near Naples in Southern Italy it tells the story of a young Englishman, Ben Cartwright, who gets caught up in the vendetta between two old warring families which results in the destruction of one and the near-destruction of Ben himself and the woman he loves.

The author has a limited stock of hardback copies available for £10, €12.50 or $15 plus postage. These copies will be signed by the author.

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The Gigabyte Detective – The heroine is Charlotte Faraday, a young DCI who has developed a brilliant new computer programme. She is brought in to solve the strange set of serial killings (one each summer) of rich, attractive women in the seaside town of Torquay. As the sixth summer season approaches former star actress Susannah Blake is befriended by a stranger called Richard Harris. Charlotte must try and track down the unknown killer before he strikes again. Click here to read the first twenty pages.

Available in paperback for 7.99 plus postage.

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The Secret of the Cathars – Philip Sinclair discovers he is the descendent of one of the last perfecti of the Cathar faith which was wiped out in the thirteenth century in its Pyrenean fastness. His grandmother also gives him the journal of Phillipe de Saint Claire which reveals where the secret treasure of the Cathars is hidden. When Philip’s search takes him to the ruined mountain castle of le Bézu he discovers a team of archaeologists led by the beautiful Jaqueline Blontard are already excavating the site. What neither of them knows is that several other shadowy organisations are also very interested in the castle’s hidden secrets. Click here to read the first twenty pages.

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Available in paperback in January 2015 from all good book stores for £7.99 or direct from the publishers at for £4.99 + P&P.

Dancing with Spies (Formerly Tito´s Legacy)  – Set in the world heritage city of Dubrovnik at the time of the Yugoslav civil war, a group of tourists are on board an Adriatic ferry, which breaks down and has to limp into Gruz, the modern port of Dubrovnik, which is under siege from the Serb-led JNA. Caroline Daley quickly becomes mixed up in the tangled web of conspiracies involving the various different factions who are trapped in the beautiful doomed city. What will happen when the Serbs open fire?

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Bank – Based on the author’s own experiences, this is the fictionalised account of the attempted destruction of a man’s business and, in its wake, his family life. The startling conclusion to the story is entirely fiction but could easily happen in Britain’s unjust financial structure.

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Riversmeet – This is the first book in a three-volume saga set in South Devon in the early post-war years and draws on the author’s youthful experiences which have of course been completely fictionalised. It tells of the beginnings of the new owner-occupier middle classes which were just emerging, charting their rise against the decline of the poverty-stricken upper classes which have dominated local society for centuries. It follows the development of several characters as they compete and combine to try and emerge on the top of the heap.

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Network Virus – second book in the Charlotte Faraday murder mystery series, successor to The Gigabyte Detective.

E-Book available from Amazon UK Smashwords and Kobo

Most books are also available to purchase on iTunes.

Further novels to follow:-

The Property People – volume two of the Riversmeet trilogy charting the development of the characters on the international stage. Proposed volume three does not yet have a title.

Franco’s Bankroll – modern mystery thriller set in the area inland from the Costa Blanca based on events which occurred in the Spanish Civil War and developing around the Nazis who fled the aftermath of the collapse of the Third Reich.

The Templar Legacy – the sequel to The Secret of The Cathars will be published during 2018.

There are a number of other projects planned and in development. Readers are welcome to contact Mike with questions and comments through the contact page