Mike has been writing for many years. He started as a teenager, producing a three-act play as a result of a disastrous love affair. Fortunately the manuscript for this has long since disappeared. During the next few years he wrote a couple more plays, several short stories, some poetry, a novella and started a historical novel which still hasn’t been completed.

Marriage put an end to writing for the following decade while he concentrated on building a home and a solid financial basis and bringing up a young family. Mike is qualified as a professional builder and has set up and run three businesses in the building industry.

He was inspired to restart writing in his late thirties when he began taking his family on holidays to various beautiful locations in Europe. Exploring historic towns and buildings brought to light a host of untold stories and started the creative juices flowing again. At the same time he began to attend evening classes in writing. There he met up with a number of similarly-minded authors and they formed a writers’ circle and started going in a group to conferences and seminars and entering competitions.

His first novel, The Eighth Child came out of these stimuli. This was quickly followed by The Wolf of Hades. For the only time in his experience he found an agent interested in representing him. This lady liked his work but suggested he wrote a similar novel from the viewpoint of a female heroine which resulted in Dancing with Spies . Unfortunately she had no success in finding Mike a publisher and they parted after a couple of years.

During the next few years business problems slowed down his output and, following the receivership of two of his companies, Mike’s marriage broke up. His children had grown up and the difficulty in finding suitable paid work gave him more time to resume serious writing. The first result was Bankrupt based on his personal experiences with the banking and accounting industry, but told from a human viewpoint, combined with personal conflicts.

His next work was the completion of Riversmeet which he had been working on for many years and was partly based on Mike’s youthful experiences in South Devon in the years when life there was changing greatly in the aftermath of the Second World War. So much material came to the surface during the writing of the first saga of 130,000 words that he realised he had enough for a trilogy, the second of which has been started but is delayed until the Riversmeet has proved a success with readers.

After this Mike decided to try his hand at a new genre and he wrote the detective novel which is now called The Gigabyte Detective. After obtaining professional criticism and reworking it he decided to self-publish in 2011. It is now available POD-printed in a restricted paperback edition but is mainly intended to be published as an e-book available on Amazon Kindle and in other formats suitable for most e-readers. Once again the initial stimulus in this new field resulted in a successor (Network Virus) was published in 2012.

In 2005 Mike and his second wife moved to the Costa Blanca in Spain with their chocolate Labrador, Pepper. Mike designed and partly built their house on the side of a mountain giving them magnificent views and a southerly aspect. However the completion of the project has taken them several years which has slowed down his declared intention of bringing together his existing and planned writing into a published body of work.

Nevertheless The Eighth Child was brought out by a POD-publisher in 2007 and The Wolf of Hades was published in hardback in 2010 by Robert Hale. Unfortunately neither was strongly marketed and sales so far have been very slow. This, combined with the expansion of the digital publishing media, has convinced Mike that the best way to make his work available to the widest readership is through self-publishing in e-book formats and that is the way his future efforts will be directed.

His next mystery thriller The Secret of the Cathars was published only in e-book formats in May, 2011. A second edition of The Eighth Child followed soon after. Dancing with Spies has just been published as an e-book (August 2011). Paperback editions of these novels will be delayed until a significant demand for them is indicated.

The Wolf of Hades’ has been revised, updated, extended and renamed The Mafia Emblem and is now available in e-book format.

Following the long illness and subsequent death of his wife Mike did not do any writing in 2014. Mike is now writing again and The Templar Legacy”  (a sequel to The Secret of the Cathars”)  will be published later in 2015.  No doubt other books will follow and news of progress will appear on this website.