Welcome to Mike Hillier.com


Welcome to the website of Mike Hillier who publishes books in his given name of Michael Hillier. To date he has completed twelve novels and has several more planned or partially completed.

Currently two of his novels are available in hard copy (one as a hardback) and five as e-books.

Of the novels which are becoming available for publication, six are modern adventure mysteries (often called thrillers) with another planned; two are modern detective stories currently withdrawn for updating; two are recent historical sagas with a sequel planned; and one is a financial thriller. There is also a partly written major historical work.

On this site you will find more details of the books and you will be able to read extracts from the ones which have been published to date. You are invited to make further visits in the coming months to sample more of his work as it reaches publication stage.

Because he intends to respond to the wishes of his readers, Mike would welcome feedback from visitors to the website regarding which novels on which they would like to see more information. Please e-mail him with your views using the contact form.